Book Reviews

The following books have not been published by Savage Mountain Publishing. However we feel that they are all excellent sources of information in their various fields.

Drugs: It’s just not worth it by CanSS Ltd

An excellent introduction to the world of drugs, covering all aspects of addiction and abuse from how it affects the user’s brain and body, to the devastating effects it has on the family, the financial effects on the country and the legal aspects of drug use. Well worth reading by anybody affected by addiction, whether personally or as a family member trying to understand the disease.

Amy: My daughter by Mitch Winehouse

A very honest account of how Amy’s life became fuelled by drug and alcohol addiction. Throughout the book, the sense of absolute despair felt by her father Mitch permeates the pages. The problems faced by the families of addicts are so often overlooked, yet they are devastating for all concerned. In the end only the addict can decide whether they want to beat addiction, or let it take over their life. Amy tried rehab numerous times, but the strength of her addiction caused her to relapse again and again. Sadly it appeared that she was finally getting her life in order when she passed away. Her father is now working tirelessly to help young addicts and their families and has set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation in Amy’s honour.

Drinking – a love story by Caroline Knapp

A really heart-wrenching account of how alcohol takes over lives. Caroline Knapp has written honestly about her 20 year addiction to alcohol and the devastation alcoholism caused in her professional and private life. Overcoming the addiction with the help of 12 step rehab therapy and AA meetings was a tremendous ordeal for her, but she finally managed to overcome the addiction to alcohol.

Mum, can you lend me twenty quid? By Elizabeth Burton-Phillips

A mother’s painfully honest account of how drug addiction destroyed the lives of her twin sons and sadly took the life of one of them.  Like so many teenagers, both boys started smoking cannabis whilst at school and quickly spiralled into a world of drug abuse which resulted in them becoming addicted to heroin. The effect of the twin’s addiction on the family was devastating, both physically and financially and the continuous struggle to get the boys in and out of rehab is heartbreaking to read. Their mother, Elizabeth Burton-Philips now campaigns through her charity DrugFAM to raise awareness of the issues surrounding drug addiction and to offer help to families and carers of addicts.

A Million Little Pieces by James Fry

Although just 23 years old, the author James Frey was highly addicted to alcohol and drugs, so rehab was his only hope of regaining a life worth living. His account of six weeks in rehab is a real eye-opener to the turmoil felt by addicts as they attempt to get their life back on track. After a difficult start to treatment, James became determined to overcome the disease and face up to the devastating legal consequences of his previous addiction. A traumatic life story, but a positive ending.

Lowlife by Simon Eddisbury

A graphic, eye-opening account of life in a British prison written by an inmate who had been sentenced to 12 months for small time drug dealing. The book documents encounters with some of the prisons hardest criminals and gives a terrifying insight into the mentality of serial offenders.

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